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Mother Eats Proper was born out of a passion for all people and brands who revolve around food and mindful living. I like to call this community, craveable narrators. In a world inundated with fear and mistrust, we believe in creating proper customer experiences out of integrity and inclusivity. My focus on food allergies is not just a niche; it's a commitment to shifting the narrative for a demographic that is often passed over and underserved.

At Mother Eats Proper we craft stories worth telling. We share narratives that resonate and strategies that yield results. Our dedication to the highest standard is reflected not only in our name but in every person, brand, product, platform and establishment we incorporate into consumers’ daily lives.

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Public Relations & Messaging

Guest writing, Speaking & WOrkshops

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Meet Mother

Welcome to Mother Eats Proper!

Over the years I have honed my skills in customer experience creation, storytelling and brand partnerships under some of the best minds and mentors. Since the start of my career I have contributed dozens of articles and brand strategies for various publications, food brands, and hospitality experiences. My extensive background in marketing, copywriting, PR, branding, and digital strategy allowed me to work alongside renowned brands such as Bloomberg, United Airlines, SKORDO, Tradewind Aviation, the NFL, and more. After years in the marketing. publishing, and the hospitality and food industries I became a mother to a child with extensive and severe food allergies. She is the muse and our journey has been the catalyst for what inspired and launched Mother Eats Proper - a consulting agency, who’s mission is to better empower hospitality and food/beverage brand professionals who feel lost, frustrated and fearful around navigating the food allergy demographic and customer experience.

As a speaker, writer, nutrition and holistic life coach, I love to work with influencers, food brands, chefs, markets, wellness establishments and hospitality owners and managers.

Public Relations & Messaging

Think of Caili as your storyteller and relationship builder with the media and public. Her superpower is to listen and craft compelling narratives around your brands or platform and get your stories featured through one of her many media connections. From food magazines to digital tourism publications to influencers, she has the network to get your brand on the radar of all the right people. Mother Eats Proper also offer consulting when it comes to your brand’s messaging and copywriting asessts.

Guest Writing, Speaking & Workshops

With a wealth of experience writing for print and digital as well as speaking at conferences, trade shows, schools, and business meetings Caili brings a new perspective and personality to the table.

Topics typically range from navigating a life beyond food allergies as a parent to how to build a robust network as a young hospitality entrepreneur, to how to grocery shop with food allergies and more. If you have an audience that is looking to be inspired or needing connection she works with you on pitching topics that will resonate with nearly everyone.

Experience Consulting

Customer Experience Consulting is all about improving interactions between a brand and its customers across various touchpoints. Working with professionals across the hospitality industry, this can look like menu creation or suggested edits, working with your staff on how they interact with and serve the food allergy customer, UX auditing for all digital assets including website and social, packaging and label auditing, and more. By hiring a consultant to help you become clear on missing touchpoints, you will often also see a boost in revenue. Through this service, our goal is to empower you and those who work for you to not only meet but exceed this demographic of customers’ expectations.

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